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Devon Rex är mycket intelligent och lär sig de regler som gäller hemma.
Du kan också lära honom olika trick, som att hämta leksaker du kastar.
Detta är en energisk, sällskaplig katt som kräver
uppmärksamhet och mycket kärlek. Det är en väldigt nyfiken katt.
Allt du gör eller tar hem undersöks noggrant.

Detta är katten som tycker om att prata med sin matte eller husse.
Han är också väldigt kelig och gosig.
Men en Devon tycker inte om att vara ensam i 7-8 tim.
Han behöver sällskap
av en annan katt eller hund, när du jobbar
Du kan aldrig bli uttråkad med denna katt i ditt hem.


Devon Rex is very intelligent and learns the rules that apply at home.
You can also teach him tricks, like fetching toys you throw.
This is an energetic, sociable cat that requires
a lot of attention and love. It is a very curious cat.
Everything you do or take home carefully examined.

This is the cat who likes to talk to his mom or dad.
He is also very cuddly and cuddly and cuddly.
But Devon does not like to be alone for 7-8 hours. He needs companionship
of another cat or dog, when you are working.
You can not be bored with this cat.



Devon Rex Breed Standard

General: The Devon Rex is a breed of unique appearance. Its large eyes, moderately short muzzle, huge low set ears and prominent cheekbones, create a characteristic Pixie look. A cat of medium fine frame, the Devon is well covered with soft wavy fur; the fur is of a distinctive texture. The Devon is alert and active and shows a lively interest in its surroundings.

Head: Face to be full cheeked with considerable width between the eyes. Forehead is to curve back to a distinctively flat skull. Muzzle moderately short, well developed. Chin strong and well developed. Moderate wedge. In the front view the wedge is delineated by a narrowing series of 3 distinct convex curves; outer edge of ears; cheekbones; and whisker pads. Nose with a stop in profile.

Neck: Neck should be medium long and slender.

Ears: Strikingly large and set very low, very wide at the base, so that the outside base of ear extends beyond the base of the wedge. Tapering to rounded tips and well covered with fine fur. With or without earmuffs and/or ear-tip tufts.

Eyes: Large and wide set, slightly oval in shape and sloping towards outer edges of ears. Brilliant gold is the preferred in all patterns, however hazel/green or amber eyes are allowable, with the following exceptions: White - blue, gold or odd (one blue and one gold, with equal color depth); Pointed Pattern - deep blue, darker tones preferred; Tonkinese Pattern - blue green. Color should be clear and intense.

Tail: Long, fine, tapering. Well covered with short fur.

Body: Hard and muscular, slender and of medium length. Broad in chest and medium fine in boning.

Legs and Feet: Long and medium fine, but sturdy. Hind legs somewhat longer than front. Cat appears to stand high on legs. Feet small and oval, with five toes in front and four in back.

Coat: The coat is short on the back, sides, upper legs and tail. It is very short on the head, ears, neck, paws, chest and abdomen.

Texture: The coat is soft, fine, full-bodied and rexed (i.e.; appearing to be without guard hairs).

Density: The cat is well covered with fur with the greatest density on the back, sides, tail, legs, face and ears. Slightly less density is permitted on the top of head, neck, chest and abdomen. Bare patches are not a fault in kittens, but a serious fault in adults. However, the existence of down on the under parts of the body should not be misinterpreted as bareness. Sparse hair on the temples (forehead in front of ears) is not a fault.

Waviness: A ripple wave effect should be apparent when the coat is smoothed with one's hand. The wave is most evident where the coat is the longest, on the body and tail. Density of the coat should not be confused with length. The Devon Rex's coat should not be compared with the marcelled coats of other Rex breeds.

NFA: Extensive baldness, kinked or abnormal tail, incorrect number of toes, crossed eyes or weak hind legs. Any evidence of illness or poor health.

Accepted Colors and Patterns:
All recognized colors and patterns


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